What is Carepod?

Carepod is a simple to use project management tool, designed to help you organise the care of a family member or friend who is unwell or disabled.

Carepod Administrator

At the centre of the Carepod is the person requiring assistance or care. A Carepod is usually set up by that person’s primary caregiver - frequently their partner, parent or child - although some people set up a Carepod for themselves. This person is the administrator of the Carepod.

Carepod Members

The administrator invites other people to become members of the Carepod. No one can access or view your Carepod without being invited to become a member. The administrator can choose to share the load by making chosen members co-administrators.

Invite friends


Administrators can post an update that will be automatically shared via email with their closed network of invited friends and family. This could be a report on the latest visit to the specialist, or sharing their their thoughts on a big decision. Members can then ask questions or make comments on this update.

Carepod Main Page


Administrators can ask for assistance from their Carepod network. Carepod members can then volunteer for that task. This could be a request for help with physical therapy, or for someone to give you a lift to the hospital.

Carepod Screenshot


Create events, like birthdays or visits from family in the calendar. Tasks are also automatically fed into the calendar so you can get a full picture of what’s happening now and in the future.

Carepod calendar entry

Friends and Family

Only administrators can invite friends and family to become a member of a Carepod. It is entirely up to you who you choose to invite. Nobody will be able to find a your Carepod without being invited.

Invite friends


The guestbook is similar to the update section of Carepod, but where updates are a tool for the Carepod administrator to communicate with members, the Guestbook is for members to communicate with each other and with the Administrator.

Carepod guestbook

Image gallery

Upload photos and pictures to the image gallery.

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