FAQ Page

About Carepod

What is Carepod?

Carepod is a free, simple and secure private online communication and organisation tool. It will help you project manage the care of a loved one and easily share the load with a closed network of friends and family. Find out how it works.

Who is behind Carepod and why?

The founders of Carepod, Rachel Slattery and Adam Boas, believe wholeheartedly in the power of technology to improve our lives. They saw a need for a simple, secure project management tool to help people manage health crises and created Carepod to contribute to a community that helps each other. Find out more about us.

Where to next for Carepod?

We are currently trying to let as many people know about Carepod as we can. We are busy contacting for purpose organisations especially those trying to enable independent living, caring for those with illnesses and supporting carers. Please contact us if you have any ideas on how Carepod can help you, your family or friends or your organisation.

Using Carepod

How does Carepod work?

Carepod is essentially a very simple to use project management tool, designed to help you organise the care of a family member or friend who is unwell or disabled.

At the centre of the Carepod is the person requiring assistance or care. A Carepod is usually set up by that person’s primary caregiver - frequently their partner, parent or child - although some people set up a Carepod for themselves. This person is the administrator of the Carepod. The administrator is then able to invite other people to become members of the Carepod. Administrators and members have different roles within the Carepod, as laid out below. It is possible to change a person’s role from member to administrator and vice versa at any time.

  • Administrators can post an update that will be shared with their closed network of invited friends and family. This could be a report on the latest visit to the specialist, or sharing their their thoughts on a big decision. Members can then ask questions or make comments on this update. Posting this kind of information in an update means that you can communicate with everyone clearly and immediately, and don’t have to repeat yourself. Updates are the first thing people see when they log in to the Carepod.
  • Only administrators can invite friends and family to become a member of a Carepod. It is entirely up to you who you choose to invite. Nobody will be able to find a particular Carepod without being invited. To add a Carepod member go to ‘Friends and Family’ and then click ’Invite member’. Invited people will receive an email explaining what Carepod is, and asking them to join the Carepod.
  • Upload photos and pictures to the image gallery.
  • They can ask for assistance from their Carepod network. This could be a request for help with physical therapy, or for someone to give you a lift to the hospital. To ask for assistance go to ‘Assistance’ and then click ‘Add Task’. Tasks must be assigned a due date, but don’t worry, you can change this as much as you need. Carepod members can then volunteer for that task, by clicking ‘I can do this’. Depending on your situation, you might choose to put everything that needs to be done in here and take responsibility for some of the tasks yourself, or you may limit this to tasks you need somebody else’s help with.
  • Administrators can edit any entry in the guestbook, regardless of who posted it. Members can only edit their own guestbook entries. The guestbook is similar to the update section of Carepod, but where updates are a tool for the Carepod administrator to communicate with its members, the Guestbook is for members to communicate with each other and with the Administrator.
  • Create events, like birthdays or visits from family in the calendar. Tasks are also automatically fed into the calendar so you can get a full picture of what’s happening now and in the future.

How computer-literate do Carepod users have to be?

We have tried to make Carepod as easy to use as possible. We welcome your feedback on how to make it even easier. If you have any feedback, please just use the form you will see to the right of your browser screen.

What do I need to use Carepod and what platforms does it run on?

You just need a device with a web browser like a computer, tablet or iPhone and an internet connection. You will also need an email address. We are working on a mobile-optimised version of Carepod to make it easier to use on smaller devices and which will make it possible to access some of your Carepod information.

How do I close my Carepod?

Just email us and we can do this for you. We retain the data you have entered but no-one can see it or access it. If you want a copy of your updates or guestbook entries at a later date you can email us and we will send them to you.

How do I remove a member from my Carepod?

Only an administrator can remove a member from a Carepod. Go to ‘Friends and Family’ and hover over the name of the person you want to remove. You will see a link to remove them. Click on that link and confirm that you do indeed want to remove them.

Two Carepods exist for the same person. How can we merge them?

Just email us and we can do this for you.

Why can’t I import my contacts into Carepod?

We don’t have this functionality. We have decided that it is too easy to make a mistake. Please let us know if you disagree.

How do I add or remove an admin account?

Only an existing administrator can make someone else an administrator. Go to ‘Friends and Family’ and hover over the name of the person you want to make an administrator.

Why can’t I upload an image?

It may be too large. Carepod cannot store images that are larger than 5MB.

Cost of Carepod

What does Carepod cost?

Nothing. Carepod is free to use for as long as you need it.

Why is Carepod free?

We are committed to keeping Carepod as you see it now as a free service to anyone who has a need to use it. We have created Carepod because we want to contribute to a community that helps each other.

We are also interested in working on bespoke versions of Carepod for non-profit and commercial health providers that cater to the particular needs of their clients. To this end, we are currently trialling a relationship with GMHBA, an Australian not-for-profit health fund that will offer a branded version of Carepod to their members for free. They will not have access to Carepod or any Carepod data. We are very excited to be working with GMHBA, who place the wellbeing of their members and local communities at the heart of everything they do.

Income made from commercial partnerships will support the free use of Carepod for the general public.

Privacy and Security

How do I know my information is safe?

We take every care to keep your information private and secure. For those of you who speak tech, here are some of the measures we take
  • We have a secure private repository that only we can access. The server is firewalled and is only accessible via a web browser (to view the site) and over secure shell (SSH).
  • No third parties are able to view information within the Carepod.
  • All password information is encrypted using a non-reversable algorithm.

Where is my data stored?

Carepod data is stored in Sydney, Australia.