Sharing the love: Carepod partners with GMHBA

We're very excited to announce our new relationship with GMHBA, an an Australian not for profit health fund.

GMHBA pride themselves on placing the wellbeing of their members and local communities at the heart of everything they do. To this end, they are promoting Carepod to their members as a useful tool for managing the health of their loved ones. 

GMHBA announced the partnership in the latest issue of their Great Health magazine, emphasising the importance of our shared goals: "we share Rachel and Adam’s vision of an extended network of friends and family that work together to support the health and emotional wellbeing of the people they love. We know from experience that individual good health relies on the support of an entire community, and see Carepod as a useful tool for encouraging this." Read the full article here.

So how does this new relationship affect your Carepod? It doesn't. Rachel and Adam are committed to keeping Carepod as you see it now free to use. GMHBA will not have access to Carepod or any Carepod data, including that of their own members - privacy remains at the core of what Carepod offers.