Cooking for Care

Carepod’s Assistance feature helps you organise the care of your loved one. It’s a really simple way for Carepod administrators to ask for assistance from their network, and for Carepod members to know how they can help!

Assistance can be for anything, from a request for help with physical therapy, or for someone to give you a lift to the hospital. One popular request is for meal preparation, either for the person in need, or to help sustain their primary caregiver. Providing a meal is such a simple and useful way to show your support.

Often times, the best thing to provide is something that’s easy to freeze and reheat. The Australian Healthy Food Guide and Taste.com.au are two useful websites if you’re stuck for ideas.

Another great resource is chef Peter Morgan-Jones’s cookbook for people with Alzheimer’s, Don’t give me eggs that that bounce. This book provides delicious recipes and useful advice on nutrition for older people. With a foreword from Australia’s favourite celebrity chef, Maggie Beer, this book will help you create nutritious meals that don’t skimp on flavour!