About Us

Scrap that. Let’s talk about where you’re at.

When someone you love is injured or unwell it can be difficult to know what to do.

Your friends and family will rally around you, offering their love and support. Maybe they’ll ask to cook or clean, help with physical therapy, or just sit and chat; whatever they can do to help you help the person you both care for.

We’ve experienced this extraordinary ground swell of support. We’ve been a part of these close communities, and flourished in their care. And we know that in the face of all this kindness, it is easy to feel lost.

Carepod helps with the help. It enables you to say ‘yes’ without difficulty and empowers you to ask for assistance.

In essense, Carepod is a project management tool. We debated using those words ‘project management’, which make looking after someone sound like a job, rather than something you do out of love and care. But we decided that being frank was exactly what you need if you’ve found us here. It can be a job, a tough job, and it’s OK to ask for help. Clear communication is at the core of what Carepod strives to help you achieve.

Carepod is a simple to use and secure private communication and organisation tool that helps you update your close friends and family and ask them for the assistance you need. It empowers you to share the load, and others to contribute in a way they know is helpful. A guestbook lets them share news and thoughts, and a calendar keeps everyone in the loop with what’s happening next. An image gallery let’s people see for themselves where you’re at now.

Carepod is for you. If your partner is unexpectedly in hospital, if your child has a condition that you both have to learn to live with, if your parents need a little extra help, or if you are in need of help yourself, it is for you. We’ve made it for you because we want to help too.

And now that we’re clear on that, here’s a little bit about us.

Rachel and Adam

Rachel has been creating and managing events for information technology companies for over a decade, and in that time she has been privy to extraordinary innovations from tiny start ups, through to some of Australia’s largest telcos. Her experience convinced her that there was a way to harness this technology to help people help those closest to them.

But how? Social media sites lack privacy and can be cluttered with other conversations. Project management tools designed for the workplace, while secure, are more complicated and impersonal than what is needed. Could you combine the best of these services to create a useful tool for those in need?

Enter Adam.

Adam Boas has been advising Rachel’s company, SlatteryIT on the landmark Agile Australia conferences for years, and she trusted him to give her good advice. Throughout the process of building Carepod, Adam has been able to draw on his own personal experience of how isolating a health crisis can be.

Rachel and Adam are committed to keeping Carepod as you see it now free to use. We have created Carepod because we want to contribute to a community that helps each other. All we ask is that you give us feedback on how it can be improved. If you have any feedback, please just use the form you will see to the right of your browser screen.

We are also interested in working on bespoke versions of Carepod for non-profit and commercial health providers that cater to the particular needs of their clients. To this end, we are currently trialling a relationship with GMHBA, an Australian not-for-profit health fund that will offer a branded version of Carepod to their members for free.We are very excited to be working with GMHBA, who place the wellbeing of their members and local communities at the heart of everything they do.

Rest assured that GMHBA will not have access to Carepod or any Carepod data, including that of their own members - privacy remains at the core of what Carepod offers.